Texas Obama Care

Texas Obama Care

Texas Obama Care-The Patient Protection act titled ‘The Affordable Care Act’ is often a point for debate.  Obama care is as one of a kind in health insurance sector. It was signed into law in 2010 but its reforms will keep rolling out till 2022. Is it good for the health insurance providers? Will it benefit the US economy in the long run? And the most important of all- How will it affect the American population?

Are there advantages of Texas Obama Care?

– If you make $ 46,021 individually (or $ 93,700 as a family), you may receive subsidies & tax credits on buying insurance from the Texas Health Insurance Exchange.

– No annual limits on healthcare.

– Insurance companies can’t drop you when you are sick.

– A large improvement to women’s healthcare services.

-Mandatory maternity coverage

– Reforms in the healthcare industry to cut wasteful spending.

– Better care for senior citizens.

These are just a few points of benefit of Texas Obama Care.

Texas Obama Care affordability

This act has made it compulsory to have a health insurance for Americans who can afford it or they will have to pay a tax penalty. The expansion of Medicaid will assist up to 17 million Americans with low incomes. It is quite obvious here that Obama care offers a range of benefits yet some American states are still refusing to enforce it.

Texas- the back bench-er – Texas Obama Care fares very badly when it comes to health insurance of its residents. 24% of all Texans have no health insurance. With the new laws taking effect, it will be easier than ever to get the health insurance you need.

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